Meet the Consortium series: FUELICS


Meet the Swarmchestrate partners: FUELICS

Fuelics is a deep-tech startup incorporated in July 2019 in Athens, Greece, that pioneers in developing sensors and platforms for metropolitan scale Smart City deployments specializing in diesel, water and manhole monitoring, roadside parking space occupancy management, as well as, electricity and water consumption reporting. Fuelics is comprised of a highly skilled team, passionate with technology and innovation, dedicated in industrializing robust end-to-end solutions that can be deployed at massive scale around the world, with minimal rollout and operational overhead.

What is FUELICS role in the project?

Fuelics designs, develops and industrialises edge computing battery operated sensors. Leveraging deep technology expertise, we will utilize Swarmchestrate decentralized swarm orchestration and showcase it in two demonstration activities, wastewater manhole management in Athens Metropolitan Sewage Network, and magnetometer threshold recalibration for parking space occupancy.

Why is this project important for FUELICS?

Fuelics Smart City offering includes state-of-the-art battery-operated sensors and an end-to-end IoT platform that centrally controls the operation of the deployed devices through their remote management capabilities. Swarmchestrate offers a novel decentralised application-level orchestrator based on the notion of self-organised interdependent swarms. Our involvement in the project will evolve our Smart City solutions to a new paradigm.

Who are the key people involved?

The key people from FUELICS are Evangelos Angelopoulos, Dr-Ing and Ioannis Nikolaou, PhDc.