Meet the Consortium series: Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana


Meet the Swarmchestrate partners: Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana

IRI-UL was established jointly by the University of Ljubljana and several technologically advanced Slovenian companies as the intermediary organization, operating as a service for knowledge and technology transfer of Slovenia’s most prominent University. It is a non-profit research institute that actively co-designs, creates and disseminates technological and societal solutions tailored to the people and the environment.

What is IRI-UL role in the project?

Within Swarmchestrate, IRI-UL contributes to the research and development activities of the Blockchain-based Knowledge Management, Trust, and Security Management components. Additionally, IRI-UL is actively involved in the creation and implementation of a trust management system that is both evidence- and blockchain-driven. The end goal is to provide a completely transparent, verifiable, and privacy-maintaining identity and role administration framework.

Why is the project important for IRI-UL?

The Swarmchestrate project represents a major advancement in managing the Cloud-to-Edge computing continuum. By leveraging self-organized swarms and decentralized AI, it creates a fully decentralized, autonomous, and self-organized application management system capable of processing large amounts of data generated at the network edges. Their work in the project shall enable IRI-UL to broaden their skill set and advance to the next level of intelligent and trustworthy resource management across the computing continuum.

Who are the key people involved?

The key people from IRI-UL are Dr. Petar Kochovski, Dr. Andrej F. Gubina and Špela Jevnikar.