Meet the Consortium series: University of Ljubljana


Meet the Swarmchestrate partners: University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia, founded in 1919. Today, it is attended by around 40,000 students and employs more than 6,000 teachers, researchers, assistants, and professional and administrative staff across 23 faculties and three art academies.

Within Swarmchestrate, UL is represented by Faculty of Computer and Information Science, leading educational and research institution for computer and information science. The research group is specialized in software engineering, cloud, edge and fog computing, distributed systems, semantics and blockchain technologies. The team has a robust track record of engaging in extensive research and development projects, both at a national and international level. These initiatives have been supported by prestigious funding from the Slovenian Research Agency (ARIS) and the European Commission, showcasing the team’s commitment to advancing scientific and technological frontiers.

What is UL role in the project?

The team of UL lead the activities related to the research and development of the Blockchain-based Knowledge, Trust and Security Management components. Moreover, they are responsible for the design and development of an evidence- and blockchain-based trust management system that will allow fully transparent, traceable and privacy-preserving identity and role management within Swarmchestrate. Their unique contribution lies in creating robust access control and verification mechanisms to ensure reliable and trustworthy resource management within the cloud-to-edge computing continuum.

Why is this project important for UL?

Engagement in the Swarmchestrate initiative underlines UL’s commitment to pioneering research and innovation, establishing its role as a frontrunner in the fields of decentralised resource orchestration, blockchain technology, and trust management systems. UL’s contribution to Swarmchestrate strengthens its status at both national and international levels, drawing in elite talent, resources, and potential collaborative ventures. Most importantly, by aiding in the creation of secure and reliable decentralized systems, UL is tackling key societal issues within cloud-to-edge computing. Thus, UL’s active role in Swarmchestrate reinforces its pledge to drive innovation, scholarly distinction, and a positive societal influence.

Who are the key people involved?

The key people are Prof. Dr. Vlado Stankovski and Assist. Prof. Dr. Petar Kochovski.